Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My  first impressions of Palmolive! What did i think when i first opened the box?

When 1st got the box i was like wow this is a big box and very heavy ! i just though i was gonna get samples but i was wrong ! 
i open the box and there were not 1 but 3 full size bottles of Palmolive , Ginger White Tea , Lemon Thyme , Lime Basil, i also open them up to get a nice smell , the look for the bottles are very nice easy to open 
i was sent these from 

my favorite scent and why - has to be lime basil , 1st of all i love basil and lime alot so to put them together and use it as a dish soup its extra bomb ! i really like how it really works well and good on my hands , i have really dry skin so its nice ! 

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