Monday, October 8, 2012

2 fACE bI*CH Halloween lOOK (TUTORIAL)

so this look was something I've been wanting to do for a while i wanted to do two faces to show a dolled up side of me and a scary side i love Halloween for the face that i can really show my skills i love art but i cant draw for nothing but when it comes to makeup i go nuts and go to town also the other reason i love Halloween is the face u can come up with scary and bloody gory looks witch i love to do again to really show off your artistic side i really hope u all enjoy this look i did two parts so the videos wouldn't be like 30 min. long i really wanted to walk you all through both looks as i talk you though step by step . 

Part 1. beauty side 

i really wanted to do some what of a drag look here but not to over bored as u always see on drag queens this look here u can def. have as a everyday look if you are into dramatic look. minus the black lip liner of course lol as you can also see i did do a heavy contour and highlight and also really went dramatic on the eye brow i really only used 3 colors for the eye look brown,black and white also using the white liner for the eater line makes your eyes pop and appear lager/wider as i stated in the video watch the videos for more info and again thanks for reading/viewing my video and blog xoxo

here are some more photos of both looks 

watch part 1 and two below (videos)
part 1 is the beauty side

part 2 is the scary side

i just wanted to let u all know work really hard to make all my videos so that i can deliver high quality looks and also fun to watch :d

you can also fine me on instagram: makeupbycookie where i post new looks and lots more 

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