Sunday, March 25, 2012

My First Big Swap


So one of my facbook friends had posted on her way "who wants to do a swap with me. i though to my self this should be fun way not so i had message her and told her i am down . so we pretty much just told each other what colors we like ect. and went from there we both agree we don't have to go out and buy pricey things.. we didn't set a budget pretty much just got whatever..  

the item's i got her ! :d
"i'll admit i went a little crazy shopping"
the item's she got me!
 close up up the shoes she got my . she put these in 
here for my b-day little some thing extra : )
if you wanna get a closer look at the items i got check out my video below ;)

i can truly say i would do another swap i had a lot of fun shopping and picking out all the cute things i got/found. but i think next time i would talk about how much things iam going to buy and vice versa 

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